Safety Webinar

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Presenter: Ray Haight

About the Presenter:

Ray Haight is often known as the man who transformed the people side of the trucking business.  After driving over a million accident free miles as a driver himself, Ray took over the helm of a start-up company and soon was serving as the President of a 300+ fleet trucking company. Under his leadership, the company went from 120% driver turnover to 20% driver turnover in 2 years. Since selling that company, he has served as Chairman of the Truckload Carriers Association, Chairman of the Professional Truck Drivers Institute, Chairman of the North American Training & Management Institute, Chairman Ministry Training, Colleges and Universities Voluntary Apprenticeship Program of Tractor Trailer Commercial Driver, and Co-Founder of TCA inGuage.




The Magic Bullet: Shooting Holes in the Driver Turnover Problem



What's it going to take to reduce driver turnover by 50% in the next 12 months?  It's a powerful question. The answer can improve your company's safety, profitability, and driver turnover problem all at the same time.


In this hour long webinar, you will learn:

1. How to identify the root cause of driver turnover 

2. What plug-n-plays are, and why they won't solve your turnover problem

3. How to maximize the ROI of your business through retention

4. What the magic bullet is to improving driver retention